Damp Stop were contacted by a client in County Durham who had discovered a something resembling a mushroomy pancake growing out from behind the skirting boards in her hallway.

Our Surveyor went out to see the client and upon his arrival he immediately diagnosed this as a Dry Rot fruiting body.

Exposure works were carried out to investigate further and it was discovered that Dry Rot had developed with in the partition wall where insulation had been packed too tightly and was not able to breath, this caused the insulation to sweat and so provided perfect conditions for Dry Rot growth.

It was then found that the dry rot had grown through the wall and concrete floor to the opposite side bedroom. It had also grown through and under the fitted wardrobes and around the room into the outside wall.

Damp Stop operatives were able to work quickly and remove all traces of Dry Rot, affected timbers and concrete. The areas were then treated with a fungicide and all walls and floors replaced.

A long term, 30 year guarantee was then issued against the return of any further infestation.

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