Mould Clean Service for your property

Mould growth is one of the many problems caused by air moisture and condensation. It can be very frustrating and annoying for anyone suffering with it.

Many people try to remove it with bleach, or something similar, only to discover it is still there. Some people actually make it worse.

We have over twenty years of experience with condensation and the many problems it causes. That means our service and support are second to none when dealing with our customers’ condensation problems.

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Information on removing mould…

Mould growth is a direct result of condensation. When there is excessive moisture in the air ‘relative humidity’ or RH, condensation forms on cool surfaces. If this is left, mould growth can appear in as little as six hours.

Many properties suffer from high RH levels now as we are all focused on sealing ourselves, and the heat, in our houses. We have double, or even triple glazing, draft excluders loft and wall insulation which are great for keeping the heat in but also very good and retaining moisture. We create moisture by cooking, bathing, showering and even just breathing. Each of us can create up to four pints of moisture every day. And it is held captive in our homes to affect the air quality.

Mould is a serious problem. It is listed as a class one health hazard under the Housing Health and Safety Rating system. Health officers understandably take it very seriously.

We use specially designed chemicals to destroy mould. This kills the mould structure and prevents it returning and spreading. This provides a complete solution to mould growth problems.

Damp Stop assess every property and recommend a bespoke solution for any condensation and subsequent mould growth.

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