“I have lived in my property for 29 years in Bishop Auckland, up until 3 years ago my house suffered severe condensation, this was displayed by wardrobes having mould in and
clothes having to be thrown out, bedroom windows running with water to the point that during the night the water running from the windowsill onto the floor woke my wife and myself, having to wipe windows during the night because there was so much water.

We had a damp problem in the dining room and whilst having a consultation on this matter it was discussed at having a unit put in the attic to stop the condensation issue, I did not believe that this unit would work and basically called Richard a liar, I could not believe that this unit could stop the amount of water that our house was making in the cold weather, my daughters health was suffering from mould accumulation in her bedroom, I eventually surrendered to requests from my wife and had the unit fitted.

In the 3 years that we have had this unit we have suffered NO condensation at all, I could not believe the difference that this unit has made to my house, anyone who has condensation issues I would totally recommend having this unit fitted, it does work, this is from the most skeptical person around, but please if you have the same problems that I had this unit will make a huge difference to your property.”

I. Blair
Bishop Auckland

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