Concrete Repair in your property

Damp problems and Dry Rot can cause failure in concrete floors.

Concrete can fail losing all structural integrity because of physical measures such as vibration and impact, freeze and thaw, salt crystal expansion and erosion.

Mechanical defects such as alkali aggregate reaction, and chemical exposure, can also result in the need for Concrete Repair.

Damp Stop will investigate, survey and diagnose the structural defects of a building. We will advise on the best solution and undertake the necessary Concrete Repair works.

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Information on Repairing Concrete…

There are numerous Concrete Repair methods that Damp Stop use.

We will determine the best techniques and products through our experience and understanding of the construction processes.

Repairs can be implemented by removing local areas of the damaged concrete and treating the defective. We use a specialist primer protecting the area from further corrosion and restoring the structural integrity.

Reinstatement of the concrete surface is often carried out by hand using high strength repair mortars.

•    Brickwork stitching and strengthening
•    Installation of new concrete floors
•    Repointing
•    Masonry Work

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