Lime Mortar repointing for your property

A lot of damage has been done to historic buildings by repointing with cement mortar instead of Lime Mortar. Cement cracks over time and leaves cracks where water can enter. Repointing can then seal in this moisture causing damp. The constituents of lime mortar means the wall can breathe and so is not affected by structural movement.

Damp Stop has a policy of conservation for historic building fabric. Our specialists are very experienced in all traditional techniques required on old buildings and use only the highest quality materials.

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Information on Lime Morter…

In older buildings, built before 1875, the mortar will be lime. These buildings should always be repointed with lime rather than cement. Many old buildings have been spoilt by the use of incorrect and inappropriate materials. It is especially sad when historic and great architectural buildings are ruined.

Before the use of a damp proof course, lime was vital in allowing moisture to evaporate and the buiding to breathe. Lime joints allowed moisture to be drawn out of the brickwork and stone.

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