Letting Agent and Landlord Services

Our qualified surveyor can assess a property on behalf of a landlord / letting agent. They will then report back via email.

We often receive phone calls from landlords directly or their letting agent with problem tenants / properties. Our surveyors can advise tenants directly or carry out a “fact finding” survey and report directly back to the landlord.

Damp Stop can further help by carrying out a Property Health Check prior to any new tenants moving into the property, this can be done in conjunction with your letting agent and will advise of any issues or problems that are likely to arise.

Should damp problems occur during the tenancy the landlord has a written report from Damp Stop covering any damp related issues. Providing that our recommendations have been implemented the tenant will have no cause to complain. Any issues will therefore be contributed to the tenant’s way of living, i.e. drying clothes on radiators and not ventilating the house correctly, as advised.


Information on property condensation…

Mould is listed as a class one health hazard by the Housing Health and Safety Rating system. This means it is taken very seriously by environmental health officers. If you are a landlord it is your responsibility to ensure your tenants are living in a healthy environment with safe heating and ventilation. Also, EU regulations for fuel poverty state it is no longer viable to counter the air quality by opening windows during winter.

One of the many problems condensation and damp cause is black mould. This is known to cause many serious problems with health. This can be particularly stressful for tenants.

‘Dampness and mould raised the risk of a variety of respiratory and asthma-related health outcomes by 30-50%. Of the 21.8 million people reported to have asthma in the UK., approximately 4.6 million cases are estimated to be attributable to dampness and mould exposure in the home.’ Environmental Protection Agency

If your property has signs of black mould it needs to be rectified urgently.

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