Our guaranteed treatment for Rising Damp

Rising Damp occurs when moisture in the ground rises into masonry walls. Normally a Damp Proof course will prevent this from happening but it may have been damaged, installed incorrectly or ‘bridged’ due to increased soil levels.

Damp Stop offer home owners and businesses a guaranteed treatment for Rising Damp with our expertly installed Damp Proof course. With years or experience, combined with the very best products on the market we offer complete peace of mind. If rising damp is found in your property we will stop it, and repair any damage it has caused.

Our Damp Proof solutions are guaranteed for 30 years. We offer an unrivalled service at the most competitive prices.

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How to stop Rising Damp

Damp Stop will identify whether your property has Rising Damp and advise on the best solution. Normally this will involve either repairing the defective Damp Proof course or installing a new treatment system.

Installing a new system is the preferred method. Our fully trained Damp Proofing team will start by removing all salt contaminated plaster to determine how high the damp has risen. Holes are then drilled in the affected walls so that a solution can be injected to stop damp rising. Damp Stop will replace any plaster that has been removed.

We can also carry out any necessary joinery work to replace skirting boards for example. This work is optional but for your convenience can be carried out under our ‘extra works package’.

Information on property condensation…

If your property is suffering from Rising Damp you will probably notice a  ‘tide mark’. This will appear as a stain on the lower sections of your wall.

Left untreated moisture will continue to rise up the wall until gravity stops any further movement.

If you think you have identified Rising Damp in your property you must get specialist help immediately.

Damp Stop would recommend a survey by one of our fully qualified surveyors. We have qualified surveyors operating from all our branches in Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham, York, Carlisle and Cumbria.

An in depth inspection will be carried out by our surveyors. They will ascertain the full extent of any Rising Damp damage and determine whether a damp proof course is required.

Using a state of the art Moisture Measurement System, non-destructive testing will be carried out on the walls and any readings recorded.

Our surveyor will also diagnose any other damp issues in your property. It may be that Rising Damp is not occurring in the property and other factors such as condensation, or penetrating damp are the cause of the damp issues.

Our surveyor will identify and provide a solution to your damp problem. On completion of your survey we will provide a no obligation quotation for your perusal.

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