Stop Penetrating Damp in your property

Penetrating Damp can be identified by damp stains or watermarks that normally grow in size over time. In most cases Penetrating Damp is caused by problems with the building such as a leaking roof, gutter or plumbing.

If Penetrating Damp is left untreated and water continues to enter the building it can damage plaster and other decorative materials.

Damp Stop will identify the cause of Penetrating Damp in your property and fix it. Call us today and arrange for one of our qualified surveyors to visit your property.

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Penetrating damp can affect buildings of any age, type or construction.

Penetrating Damp is normally caused by leaking rain water goods such as gutters or roofs.  Plumbing can also cause problems where water has entered the property. This is known as water ingress.

Damp Stop has many years of experience identifying the cause of Penetrating Damp and would always inspect:

•    Rain water goods ( Gutters, down pipes etc.), flashing, rendering and window frames.
•    Down pipes, ensuring they are unobstructed and water can flow freely.
•    Guttering to determine whether it is in need of repair.
•    Rendering, checking for cracks and re-sealing any gaps that may exist around window frames.
•    Window sills, checking the drip groove which sheds rainwater so it does not hit the house wall. It could be blocked with moss or dirt.

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