Property Health check

Is your property in good health?

General neglect of a building can result in damp and the many complications from that. Dampness can cause fungal decay and the general deterioration of the internal building materials. A full property health check can prevent any future costly problems.

We offer this service to any home owners, whether private, you are buying or selling, and also to the commercial sector.

We make a nominal charge for this but it is cheaper than a home buyers survey and will be more detailed.

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Information on property condensation…

We check the whole property for signs of any deterioration. We look for rising damp, dry rot, condensation, woodworm infestation, wet rot, and wall ties. We also cover any leaks and blockages from rainwater goods.

The overall inspection takes around 30-60 minutes depending on the property size. We will be more than happy to discuss any issues when we are there.

We will send your report within 48 hours. We can do this by email to ensure you get it as fast as possible.

Buying and selling a house is difficult for anyone. By the time you have done the viewings, found a buyer, and a price has been agreed you really just want the process to be smooth and swift. The last thing you need is a problem with a survey and the possibility of the buyer changing their minds and pulling out of the sale.

By having our Property Health Check carried out you are giving yourself full confidence in your property. You can start to market your house knowing that it is in good shape and has no potential problems which could affect a sale or a mortgage company making an offer to the buyer. Any issues at that late stage could jeopardise the sale or allow the buyer to negotiate down the price.

Our Health check on your property is not a substitute for the survey which the mortgage lender will carry out but it does give you peace of mind in knowing any potential problems so you can control any expenditure on your house.

All surveys are carried out with minimum disruption and are non-destructive.

We are happy to provide an annual follow up property health check. Please discuss this with us for your peace of mind in the future.

A Damp Stop Property Health Check will save you money.

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