Property Maintenance Programme

Damp Stop provides landlords and home owners with a unique service that is changing how they can maintain their properties. Our property maintenance programme gives anyone who owns a house or houses complete peace of mind.

We undertake a full and detailed property inspection health check

We follow this up every three months with a further property health check. We then provide a detailed analysis of our findings. This will identify any issues already visible and any we believe there is potential for in the near future.

Our property health checks are carried out by one of our experienced surveyors who are backed by an award-winning customer service team.

If we find any problems resulting in remedial work we will discount that work by 25%. We do this because we believe we offer an exceptional service to our customers and we value their business highly.

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Information on our Property Maintenance Programme…

Are the gutters clear?
Are the air bricks clear?
Do the walls show any salt?
Do you have condensation problem?
Is any black mould starting to grow inside your property?

If you have any of these problems you could have some serious issues in the near future.
If your gutters are blocked, and this is extremely common, this can cause considerable damage especially in the winter. Blocked gutters will not allow rainwater to run away, causing a build up inside the gutter. This in turn can cause water to penetrate your walls eventually resulting in penetrating damp.

Once this has taken hold there will be costly damage to walls, plaster, timber and your decor. The problems can only escalate from here resulting in dry rot and expensive repairs to your property.

Dry rot is the worst damage you can have. If your property has it you need urgent help fast

Our property maintenance programme identifies early signs of damage or problem meaning you have no risk of suffering these serious and damaging affects.

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