Pre Purchase Surveys and Reports

Buying a new house is stressful enough. The last thing you want is a survey that says you can’t proceed without a specialist damp and timber report.

Fortunately we have the solution. We provide a full range of pre-purchase surveys and report. Our expert surveyors pride themselves in their professionalism and quality of service they offer our customers.

Our pre purchase reports are specialised and need a fully qualified surveyor to produce them. Our customer service team will give you an exact quote once they have sufficient details. When the survey is complete you will receive a full written report highlighting any issues with the property. We will also provide a quote for any work required.

Of course if there isn’t a problem we will tell you. We have over twenty years’ experience in this field and pride ourselves on our expertise and integrity.


Information on Pre Purchase Surveys…

What areas do we cover:

Ground floor:

  • In depth inspection for Rising Damp, Penetrating Damp and its cause.
  • Inspect all accessible timbers for Rot and Beetle infestation.
  • Assess whether sub floor ventilation is adequate.
  • Advise on visible condition of roof coverings and rainwater goods.
  • Inspect for signs of condensation related issues.

Our damp and timber surveys are provided for the property’s ground floor. If we need to remove any floor coverings this must be approved by the vendor before the survey. We will not remove any flooring in the property if we do not have permission to do so.

We also supply specialist wall tie surveys. These are often requested as part of a home buyer’s report. Our pre purchase wall tie survey cover the following:

  • Wall tie corrosion or insufficient ties.
  • Type of building, any extention or alterations.
  • Cavity wall insulation.
  • Wall construction inspection, highlighting any defection of gutters or rainwater goods.
  • Pointing condition.

Damp Stop inspect the interior roof or loft space for any beetle infestation or decay of roof timbers covering the following:

  • All accessible roof/loft timber.
  • Any sign of water ingress
  • Chimney condition, whether they are used or not and if they need re-pointing etc.

We also provide additional survey modules if needed. These must be agreed with the original instruction for the survey.

Instead of trying to pick parts of a survey why not go for our full property survey. This covers all eventualities any property could be suffering from. It is as reassuring as you can get to ensure your new or existing property is built as soundly as it possibly can be.

Initial Survey – £150
Extra modules – £30 per module

We also offer a full range of modules for commercial property. These are based on each individual need and type of property so please ask us for further information.

Many companies charge for this service even if you have already paid for a home buyer’s survey. Here at Damp Stop we like to be innovative and break away from industries traditions. We keep our charges to a minimum while also offering you much more in return.

From the moment you book your survey we offer a very fast turn round for your report. This ensures purchasing the property is not slowed down waiting for your report.

If you go ahead with any works we have quoted for we will deduct your survey fee from the final balance.

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