Timber repairs in your property

If your property has suffered from a timber infestation such as Dry Rot, Wet Rot or Woodworm you may need items replacing such as door frames, skirting boards, staircases or even entire floors.

Damp Stop eradicate damp related problems causing decay and infestation in timbers. Our joinery team will then repair or replace all damaged timbers and carry out any required remedial works.

Our skilled joinery division has extensive experience in all timber remedial works following a damp related problem.

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Information on Timber Repair…

In many cases structural timbers such as floor joists and joinery timbers are beyond viable repair or treatment. Our skilled team of joiners will  replace and repair timber in your property.

Below are just a few of the projects we can help with.

Skirting Boards

We are able to replace and re-fix any skirting boards removed during works carried out. Our surveyor will be able to give you an on-site quotation for this work.

Wet Rot and insect infestation, associated with any form of dampness, can cause skirting boards to be completely decayed.

Door Frames / Window Frames

Over time, door frames can often become damaged from day-to-day wear and tear as well as from damp issues. Damp Stop are able to repair door frames were possible and also fit new door frames.

Staircase Repair

Our skilled joiners can make a number of repairs to restore the condition to the staircase in your home. Staircases are often damaged by insect infestation and should be thoroughly inspected.


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